Accel Physical Therapists Get BFR Certified!

We are proud to announce that Hillary, Pam, and Scott have recently received certifications in Blood Flow Restriction Training “BFR”. The certification is referred to as Cert. MST.

Blood flow restriction training is a method of strength training that involves restricting the blood flow out working muscles to trick the body into getting stronger by creating a metabolic stress response. Muscle hypertrophy, or muscle growth, requires either mechanical stress (lifting heavy loads) or metabolic stress (hormones and metabolites).

In the rehab setting, achieving muscle loading at a threshold high enough to induce muscle hypertrophy is very difficult. BFR allows us to safely train muscles at very load loads, limit muscle and joint strain, while achieving the same results as heavy loading.

Accel PT is once again proud to be at the forefront of the latest rehabilitation and performance methods, as well as proud that our PTs continue to aim to be the best educated in our field!


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