Accel PT is Here to Help With Shoulder Pain!

The shoulder is an often used body part that, if in pain, can greatly hinder your well-being. And this complex joint that makes up the shoulder is very susceptible to injury. If you are suffering from shoulder pain it can be caused by a variety of reasons including overuse, some sort of trauma, or bad posture. Unfortunately, shoulder pain may not always go away on its own, and some pain may actually get worse over time if left untreated.

Physical therapy can help alleviate the pain by teaching you correct posture and discussing movements to avoid that may lead to injury. Physical therapy will also help strengthen and make flexible the muscles, providing necessary support for the joint. Indeed, many people experience pain simply due to a lack of strength or lack of flexibility in their muscles surrounding their muscles.  A PT will also work to rule out any neck pathology as some shoulder pains can be referred from the neck.

For those that suffer from frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), physical therapy can help you as well. Frozen shoulder generally affects those between the ages of 40 to 60, about 3% of the population and 20% of those with diabetes. The condition is caused by shrinkage and/or inflammation which leads to scarring and causes the sticking or adhesion of tissue. There are a few phases of frozen shoulder, and physical therapy regiments change accordingly.

Regardless of the reason or the type of pain let the physical therapists at Accel Physical Therapy help you today!  From shoulder pain to rotator cuff injuries,  it doesn’t matter whether you are a youth baseball player whose shoulder is suffering from overuse, or an individual rehabbing post-surgery — we are here for you!

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