Announcing ‘Discovery Visits’

Dealing with aches and pains? Knee bothering you when you run? Does your back hurt after a round of golf?

Accel Physical Therapy is happy to introduce ‘Discovery Visits’! You may have noticed our social media posts yesterday in this regards, or maybe you noticed the new button on our website. And yes, you may be wondering just what this means for you! Schedule a Discovery Visit and have an experienced musculoskeletal specialist from Accel Physical Therapy listen to your concerns and point you in the right direction.

This is an opportunity for you to talk to an Accel physical therapist to see if we can help you! This is a FREE 15 minute visit or telecom with a PT where you can ask questions and discuss options! This ‘Discovery Visit’ is perfect for those individuals who may be interested in PT services, but want to learn more – about Accel, about what PT is, about techniques we may use – prior to signing up for a full evaluation and treatment.

What this means to you, the patient:​

  1. Accel PT will have the opportunity to learn  more about you! What pain do you have? What is the difficulty you’re having? What are you health goals?
  2. You will get the opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have in person (or via live stream).
  3. Accel PT will be able to determine how we can best help you. If for whatever reason we cannot help you in your current needs, we will guide you in the right direction.
  4. You will receive education and information to decrease fear and anxiety in a non-solicited environment.
  5. As a team, we will be able to discuss what plan of care would be best for you. We will discuss what options we believe would help you achieve your goals most effectively.
  6. You will wrap up the Discovery Visit knowing just who Accel PT is, how we can help, and what is limiting your activities (and causing your pain)!

The more we know about you, the better we can help you! Contact us today and schedule your Discovery Visit!

We’re proud to be Brunswick (Maine) and Greater Brunswick’s go-to for physical therapy. Located on the Brunswick Landing, we’re here to get you healthy – and happy – once again! When you need physical therapy, do not hesitate to reach out to us!