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Neck Pain? Accel Physical Therapy is Here to Help!

Physical therapy attentive to the neck has tremendous benefits and will increase your well-being. By focusing on strengthening/stretching the musculature and soft-tissue in the neck, you are, in effect, gaining stability and/or flexibility for the vertebrae. This is highly important for those that sit at desks all day while at work. The angle of your … read more »

Accel PT’s End of Summer Update

Hope you all are well! It’s so hard to believe that we’re wrapping up August, and with that — the end of summer.  As we’re heading into a new season we wanted to update you on some happenings here at Accel PT: We will be closed on Monday for Labor Day — have a safe … read more »

Accel PT is Here to Help With Shoulder Pain!

The shoulder is an often used body part that, if in pain, can greatly hinder your well-being. And this complex joint that makes up the shoulder is very susceptible to injury. If you are suffering from shoulder pain it can be caused by a variety of reasons including overuse, some sort of trauma, or bad … read more »

We’re Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary!

Accel Physical Therapy is so very proud to be celebrating it’s One Year Anniversary! Thank you to our patients, colleagues, friends, and families. We’ve helped a number of individuals (starting from a single one when we opened our doors) and we’ve built great relationships along the way. We look forward to working with many more … read more »

Announcing ‘Discovery Visits’

Dealing with aches and pains? Knee bothering you when you run? Does your back hurt after a round of golf? Accel Physical Therapy is happy to introduce ‘Discovery Visits’! You may have noticed our social media posts yesterday in this regards, or maybe you noticed the new button on our website. And yes, you may … read more »

Accel PT Wellness Tips: Stretching

Many people wonder – should I stretch? Or shouldn’t I? Before exercise? After? A number of studies over the years conclude that dynamic stretching – combined with a short warm-up – before exercise, followed by static stretching after activity is beneficial. Stretching in this manner works to improve performance and decrease the possibility of injury. … read more »

Hillary Recently Earned Vestibular Rehab Certificate!

We are very proud to announce that Hillary Jackson has completed certification as a Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist (per the American Musculoskeletal Institute). This post-professional certification adds a much needed service to the mid-coast of Maine. The Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist (Cert. VRS) is qualified to treat a variety of life altering vestibular disorders including post-concussion treatment, … read more »

Weekend Warrior? Prevent Injuries with These Tips

As we get older we take on more responsibilities – work, family, property – and, with that, no matter how badly we want to continue being active, sometimes our exercise and fitness can take a back seat during the week. Then, on the weekend, many of us turn into ‘weekend warriors’ – after little to … read more »

Choose Physical Therapy in 2018

In 2018, make and keep the resolution that you’ll choose physical therapy! In selecting PT, individuals both feel better faster AND save money in the process! In many states here in the US, you can actually see a physical therapist first without needing to see anyone prior – no doctors, no hospitals. At Accel Physical … read more »

Reflections on PT by PRN’s Dan Fleury (Response to Opinion Article)

Dan Fleury (PT, DPT, OCS, Diploma Osteopractic, FAAOMPT) – a PT at Portsmouth Physical Therapy and the Vice President of the Pinnacle Rehab Network (to which Accel is a member) – penned this tremendous piece on physical therapy in response to a recent article he had read that expressed doubts about PT as a whole.  … read more »