Get to Know the Team! An Interview with Hillary

We have such a tremendous team here at Accel Physical Therapy, and we want to showcase our staff as we continue to grow! One of our amazing physical therapists is Hillary Jackson. Check out her Accel PT ‘behind-the-scenes’ interview!

What is your role/position?

I am a full time physical therapist at Accel Physical Therapy.

What are your duties within that role/position?

My job is completely patient focused. I perform the initial evaluation on a patient’s first day at physical therapy. This includes collecting a verbal history of their pain or injury, performing numerous tests and measures to confirm a specific diagnosis, and then designing a plan of care that will decrease their pain and increase their functional abilities. Upon follow up visits, I perform different manual techniques to make physical adjustments to the patient’s body to enable more motion or decrease swelling, restrictions, and pain. I then lead the patient through a series of exercises that will additionally benefit the patient’s specific healing process. I take advantage of the many modalities that we have access to in this clinic, including dry needling. I recently became certified to needle the lower portion of the body (low back, hip, thigh, knee, lower leg, foot, etc). I have been enjoying using this new skill and am impressed with the increased speed of recovery that it has enabled for my patients. Outside of direct patient care, I maintain contact with the physicians who refer patients to our clinic and keep them updated on each patient’s progress.

What made you decide to come to work for Accel?

During my initial interview with Accel PT, I could already tell that this clinic was different than any other clinic I was applying to. I was extremely impressed with the high level of patient centered care offered here. The managers within this company are incredibly encouraging of providing access to continuing education opportunities for all staff physical therapists which shows that they are dedicated to pursing excellence within our field. Since my first conversation with Scott Hannigan, the owner and fellow PT at Accel PT, I knew that he would be a very honest, positive, and dedicated boss. I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentorship I have received from him since beginning work and love how we are constantly pushing each other to grow as healthcare professionals. This clinic is more than just a job to me. It is also a new home for me and I look forward to growing with the company in the many years to come.

What is your favorite thing about working for Accel?

There are so many things to choose from! The fun, positive, encouraging work environment can be felt as soon as you walk through the front door. Jordan, our office coordinator, greets everyone with a genuine smile and she is amazingly organized which keeps all of the behind the scenes tasks running smoothly so I am able to focus more on patient care. The comradery between coworkers as well as the wonderful relationships we develop with our patients makes this a great place that makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

I also love all of the continuing education opportunities that this company offers. I had only worked for Accel PT for one week when they offered to send me to three day long course to earn an additional certification. The dedication to improving our skills and allowing us to grow so we can offer the best possible care to our patients is unmatched.

How would you describe Accel’s clinical philosophy? (Or your own!)

The philosophy that we operate on is evidence based individualized patient care that enables us get our patients better in a shorter amount of time so they can return to the activities they love as soon as possible. If possible, my goal is to have our patients walking out our clinic’s door using their body in a more efficient and pain-free manner so they are actually functioning better than before they were even injured. I place a strong focus on educating my patients so they have a clear understanding of what is causing their pain, what we are doing to fix that, and how they can prevent an injury like this in the future. I strongly encourage each patient to understand as much as they can about their PT experience because it is their body and their health so they need to take ownership over it.

How would you describe Accel’s clinical environment?

The environment at Accel is very fun, but still professional. Everyone who works here is friendly, personable and engaging. We strive to create an environment where are patients are comfortable and look forward to coming. We stay on task and accomplish a ton during each physical therapy session, but we make sure the patients enjoy being here while we do that.

With your career, what are you looking to accomplish in the next two to four years?

I want to continue taking as many continuing education courses as possible. No matter how long or short a physical therapist has been in the field, you can always improve and learn new techniques that will help heal your patients in a more efficient manner.

I would also love to establish a relationship with the dance companies and studios in the area as I specialize in treating dancers. I was a pre-professional ballet dance prior to earning my doctorate in physical therapy so I love working with this population of athletes and have a deeper understanding of the dancer’s technique and anatomical demands compared to other healthcare professionals in my field.

Outside of work, what is something you do for fun? A hobby?

I love being active and outdoors in nature. On any given weekend you can often find me hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, practicing yoga, attending a dance class, or just enjoying the gorgeous Maine seacoast and sunshine.

What is one unknown or fun fact about you?

I love to travel and experience new places and cultures. I have travelled overseas quite a bit and prior to moving to Maine, I lived in Denver, CO. I love visiting new places and getting outside of my comfort zone, but I also enjoy coming home to my very close-knit family in New England.


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