Neck Pain? Accel Physical Therapy is Here to Help!

Physical therapy attentive to the neck has tremendous benefits and will increase your well-being. By focusing on strengthening/stretching the musculature and soft-tissue in the neck, you are, in effect, gaining stability and/or flexibility for the vertebrae. This is highly important for those that sit at desks all day while at work. The angle of your head while looking at a computer screen applies pressure and can strain the neck, potentially causing injury or promoting a chronic pain.

In light of this, physical therapy is strongly suggested to not only heal the neck and reduce pain and stiffness, but to make the neck muscles more flexible and stronger while improving your range of motion. This can be done naturally, without the need for drugs or medications through the use of manipulation, mobilization, dry needling, and corrective exercise. At Accel Physical Therapy, we will utilize the appropriate modalities for you, work to improve your posture, and provide you with helpful exercises that will aid in reducing the reoccurrence of neck pain. As a team, we work with you and personalize a plan to best suit your needs, incorporating any concerns or health conditions that may impact your improvement. If you are suffering from neck pain, suffer no more. Call Accel PT today!