Opening Week – A ‘Behind the Scenes’ Interview with our Owner

This has been an enormous week for Accel Physical Therapy!  We’ve opened our doors with a ton of excitement and anticipation, ready to serve the Brunswick, Maine, area with our brand of physical therapy geared to ACCELerate your recovery, ACComplish your goals, and ACCommodate your needs!  Our patients will get truly excellent outcomes with our ACCELerated individualized care.

As an opportunity for you to get to know us better, we wanted to give you a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ and introduce you to Scott Hannigan, PT, DPT, our Owner.  It’s been his vision and leadership that has made this all possible. He states that he is “very excited for our Grand Opening, and we look forward to providing the greater Brunswick community the best Physical Therapy services!”  Sitting down to review how Accel PT came to be, we not only get to know Scott – including his (very) early days as a business owner – but you also get a sense of how Accel PT will always be there for you, the patient.  We look to build a name that people know and trust here in the Brunswick community, a physical therapy office that people feel a personal connection to – and we know that our interview below will help to further develop that connection!


What made you decide to start your own PT clinic?

  • I started my first business with the help of my dad when I was 10 years old. I would go up and down my street collecting bottles and cans from neighbors, paying them $.03/can.  I then had an agreement with a local redemption center where they would give me $.06/can, giving me 50% profit.  I have always enjoyed the business side of things the last 8 years as a physical therapist.  I have used those years to grow my skills as a therapist and to learn the ins and outs of how a physical therapy office runs.  It has been my goal and dream since going to physical therapy school to have my own practice.  My dad passed away my first year of college.  It was a very hard year, but he told me to follow my dreams and chase my goals.  He told me he had no doubt I would be successful.  He has always been a driving force behind my drive, and I always remember that first business that he created with me.


Where had you worked prior? What background do you have?

  • All of my experience as a physical therapist has been in outpatient orthopaedics. I worked my first 2 years out of college at a PT owned practice in Boston called Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness.  After 2 year I moved back to Maine to work for Orthopaedic Associates in Brunswick.  There I worked a lot with Bowdoin College, servicing their student body, student athletes, faculty and staff.  In the last year I branched out on my own and started seeing patients in Boston again with the help of Momentum Healthcare and my own business Hannigan PT, LLC.


What is your favorite thing about being a physical therapist?

  • Being a part of a team and helping individuals achieve their goals with physical therapy. Patients are coming to me because of pain or a physical limitation that is affecting their day to day life.  My passion is working with each individual and creating a partnership where we are working together to achieve all goals and see that smile on their face when they leave your office on that final day.


How would you describe Accel’s clinical philosophy?

  • Patient-centered, outcome oriented, individualized care designed to get patients better faster, with maximal improvement, and fewer visits using an evidence based approach that offers a combination of the most effective and highly skilled treatments available.


How would you describe Accel’s clinical environment?

  • Fun, but professional. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave I want you to have a positive experience that you look forward to because you know you are on a direct path to meeting your goals and recovery.


With your career//With Accel, what are you looking to accomplish in the next two to four years?

  • I hope to build a name that people know and trust in the Brunswick community. I want Accel to be a physical therapy office that people feel a personal connection to.  Somewhere people are proud to refer family and friends to.  Somewhere that is making a difference in the community by providing a service that is unmatched.


Outside of work, what is something you do for fun? A hobby?

  • I take advantage of every season here in Maine. In the winter you can find me on the slopes all over New England skiing. In the spring you can find me on the golf course.  In the summer you can find me on the lake waterskiing or at the beach.  In the fall you can find me hiking or enjoying other outdoor fall activities.


What is one unknown or fun fact about you?

  • I always thought I wanted to be a chef and own my own restaurant. I enjoy cooking and someday may want to open my own food truck!