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First Visit

Patient portal

All your intake and medical history information can be gathered via our patient portal. This process is designed to allow you to accurately tell us about you in the comfort and safety of your own home. Please contact us if you did not receive the patient portal registration email.

Be Prepared

  • Bring your Insurance card, your prescription, and any other necessary referral information.
  • Please expect to pay any co-pays at the time of service.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing that will allow you to move easily and allow your physical therapist to evaluate you best.

What To Expect

  • Your first visit begins with an evaluation of your medical history, as well as other important factors related to your injury.
  • Your physical therapist will then use these findings to develop a comprehensive treatment program centered around you.
  • Based on your individually-tailored treatment program, your Physical Therapist will discuss with you the best options to achieve your long-term goals.

Our Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

We kindly request a 24-hour appointment cancellation notice. If you need to reschedule an appointment on short notice, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Insurance for Physical Therapy

Your Preferred Provider!

At Accel Physical Therapy we understand that the sooner you start your physical therapy with us, the faster you recover. Contact our office today to inquire about same-day services. We accept most major insurance plans and we offer low self-pay rates. As an independent provider, our rates are often several times less expensive than hospital-based facilities!

What if I don’t have insurance or do not want to use my insurance?

Our Self-Pay Rates:
First appointment – Evaluation and treatment as needed $120
Follow up treatments per visit – $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover my physical therapy?
We are in network with most insurance companies. Our office will verify your PT benefits prior to your initial visit and go over your coverage with you on day 1!
Do I need a referral from my doctor to come to physical therapy?
Some cases yes, and some cases no. It all depends on your insurance. In the state of Maine we have direct access, meaning you can attend physical therapy at any time for your needs. However, some insurances do require a referral from your doctor. Call us and we can help answer this question for you!
Do I have to do the patient portal?
Our patient portal is the preferred method for all initial intake paperwork. It is the easiest way for you and for our staff to gather your medical history and information about why you are coming to physical therapy. We can help you complete your intake paperwork the day of your appointment in the office, but please arrive at least 15 minutes early.
Does physical therapy hurt?
The goal of physical therapy is to make you not hurt! We know that the primary reason many are in PT is because of pain. We often hear the no pain no gain or PT stands for physical torture! This is not always true, your PT will work with you on the best individualized plan to help you in your recovery. Our goal is to get you feeling better quickly!
My doctor referred me to PT, but I have done PT and it didn’t work for me, why should I come?
Believe it or not, we hear this a lot. At Accel PT, our treatment approaches are the most up to date and evidence based. We may be a different approach and will work to design the best treatment plan centered around you. Communication is key, let us know about your experience and we will work with you to make sure you have a great PT experience and better outcomes!
What do I wear to physical therapy?
For your initial visit, wear loose, comfortable clothing that will allow you to move easily and allow your PT to assess your injury. Your PT will then go over the best attire for all future visits based on the treatment plan.
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